RSO Quad Squad

Meet the RSO Quad Squad!

Here are the people who help make Rollerskateoahu a success.


Dee is our style queen. She knows how to make any skates look fabulous.  Those nice styled pictures of skates that you see on our Instagram?  That's usually her that makes it happen.  If you've seen those fun videos on our Insta, chances are that it's Dee behind the camera.

If you have questions on what toe caps to get, what colors to match, and how to make your skates look great, see Dee. She rocks Moonlight Roller Cosmic Quartz skates with XO toe caps and Luminous Wheels.


Usually found wearing all black and in her favorite Bont skates and Luminous Wheels, Leina is our quad skate expert. Got a question about cushions, trucks, different ways of lacing your roller skates?  Leina is your go-to gal.