Skate Lessons

Skate lessons are $65 an hour for a private lesson, or $40 per person for group lessons of up to 5 people. They are usually held at Enchanted Lake Community Park in Kailua. There's a really nice basketball court, usually nice weather, lots of parking, and good lighting.  For the first lesson, we will go over the basics of skating: how to properly fall to avoid injury, and how to get back up again; movement & transitions (starting, stopping, skating forward, turns, to make sure that your fundamentals and technique are good); weight transfer (skate to skate, inside to outside, front to back); and begin focusing on skating goals that you want to achieve.  Future lessons re-inforce prior lessons and can move on to things like crossovers, backwards skating, basic dance moves, etc. Lessons are tailored to each student's skill level and what they want to learn.

What would you like to learn?