Toe caps/guards

Whatever your skate style, if you skate almost daily like many of us do, the front of your skates usually will be the first thing that gets scuffed, dinged up, and shredded. Whether you have economical Impala skates or high end Moxi Jack boots, eventually the toe area WILL get scuffed up.

Toe caps are an inexpensive way to protect your investment and make your skates last longer. They wrap around the toe box of your skates and are held in place by the laces and toe stops/jam plugs. It's much easier and cheaper to replace a pair of $35 toe caps at the end of the year instead of getting a new pair of skates every skate season!

Whether you are a jam skater, play roller derby, skate on the streets, or shred at the skate park, it makes sense to get a pair of toe caps to keep your skates looking fresh and lasting longer!