About Us

Started in November 2020 - in the middle of a global pandemic - Roller Skate Oʻahu began with a small popup shop and a dream.

Roller Skate Oʻahu's Melissa always wanted to start a skate company, but as with all things, life kept getting in the way.  Throughout her moves from New York, Ireland, Scotland, back to New York, and to Hawaiʻi, it's always has been in the back of her mind.  But day job, social life...there was never a right time.

In November 2020, Melissa was given the opportunity to sell some new skates, and she took a chance with a popup shop at a local open market. At best, she would sell a lot of skates and accessories; at worst, she would sell a few but have a great time meeting other skaters and telling people about skating.

That first market, at Lokahi Kailua Market, did well, but more importantly, it generated A LOT of buzz.

A few days later, Melissa took the plunge and registered an LLC.  A roller & inline skate shop was born.

In December, Roller Skate Oʻahu was invited to participate in the Kailua Night Market, in addition to Lokahi Kailua Market.  Surprisingly, all of the skates sold out.  Every single pair that was in stock...sold.

Thinking that it could simply be the holiday buying rush and the magic of having a Mirror Ball in the popup shop, Roller Skate Oʻahu stocked up for January, not expecting as much demand.  Surprisingly...the skates again sold out.

We continued to participate regularly at Lokahi Kailua Market, selling skates and passionately sharing our love of skating. In March 2022, we did an even bigger popup at Ohana Hale Marketplace that lasted several weeks.

In November 2022, we took the very HUGE (and very scary!) step of opening an actual brick & mortar skate shop to meet the needs of Hawaii's growing skate community and becoming your local go-to for all things roller and inline skate related. You can find us at 35 Kainehe St in Kailua, generally on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and certain Saturdays, as well as by appointment on Fridays and Sundays. We are still selling skates, passionately sharing our love and knowledge about skates, but this time we don't have to put away the skates at the end of the day!

We Love Community.

We love bringing people together and sharing our love of skating.  It thrills us to see families skate together, people bringing their friends into the sport, or simply seeing a new skater find their skate legs.  Skating is one of those things where no matter how young or old, how fast or slow, what skates you use, or how new or experienced you are...you're a part of this community.

Melissa and the RSO Squad are grateful for our wonderful clients and the constant support that you give.  Thank you for #supportinglocal