Roller Skate Oʻahu boss babe Melissa got her very first pair of inline skates when she was 12, beginning a lifelong love of skating. Growing up in Ireland, she would regularly skate the promenade of Galway Bay.  Whenever she could, she attended skate training and events in Scotland, England, and throughout Europe, eventually getting her ICP (Inline Certification Program) and SkateIA (Skate Instructors Association) certifications, qualifying her to teach skate lessons professionally.

Melissa moved back to New York City in 2014, where she became a regular at the weekly Wednesday Night Skate rollout throughout The Big Apple, making a lot of friends & contacts along the way.


Melissa with Moxi founder Estrojen
Melissa with Moxi Founder Michelle 'Estrojen' Steilen

In 2017, Melissa was given the opportunity to move across the world to Hawaiʻi.  Falling in love with the beauty, warmth, and aloha spirit of the islands, little did she know that she would find the chance to pursue a lifelong dream - to start a roller skate company.

In her spare time, Melissa loves to skate!  She also has taken up surfing since moving to Hawaiʻi. 

Melissa enjoys eating out; Facetiming with her sister and nephew; and spending time with her partner Marino.

Melissa's "work pair" (what she wears to teach skate lessons) are Sure Grip Boardwalk skates in blue. Her "fun pair" (what she wears to events and rollouts) are Moonlight Roller Safety Dance skates with Atom Pulse Flash lightup wheels in Clear Glitter and XoNeloXoNaija toe caps.  For skate parks, she floats between a Chaya Karma Pro quad skate setup, the aforementioned Sure Grip Boardwalk skates, and a pair of USD Sway Team IV inline aggressive skates.  She has FR FRX 310 tri-wheel inline skates for when she is in an inline mood and wants to slalom skate or to go FAST!