Crazy Skates Prime Adjustable Youth Roller Skates

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A modern take on a classic rink style - step into the Prime.

The enchantment of these Crazy Skates' Prime roller skates lies in their exceptional boot design, inspired by the elegance of European styling. Experience immediate comfort as the padded construction embraces your feet, allowing for an elastic flex as the boot decompresses. These skates offer the best of both worlds - a supportive feel coupled with the freedom to skate all day in absolute comfort. Step up your roller skating journey from low-quality skates to a whole new level with this perfect transition for beginners.

This skate comes with a 4 size adjustment system which operates internally within the skate. The skate expands and contracts to fit your foot through a range of 4 sizes, providing insurance against growing feet and offering a customizable size for those who accept nothing but the perfect fit!

With Signature 96A poured urethane wheels, this skate is ideal for rink and dance use - but can be skated indoors and outdoors.

Feature packed with metal trucks, ABEC 5 Speed bearings, urethane bushings and Crazy Skates' Famous Comet plate. If the Prime isn't on your skating wish list, it's because you haven't looked closely enough yet!

For local (Oahu) clients, please send us a direct message on Instagram or Facebook to check availability and to schedule a skate fitting.  For interisland, mainland, and international clients, please send us a direct message on Instagram or Facebook to check on availability and to speak to us about shipping terms.