Qube Bearings 8mm 16-pack

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For over 70 years, Sure-Grip has been making some of the finest roller skates in the world, and now comes the first roller skate bearing designed by and for roller skaters. Using a special 3D modeling process called QUBE, which means Quality Utilizing Better Equipment, and using the input from professional roller skaters, Sure Grip has created bearings that not roll smoothly, but feel good under your feet.

Qube Teal Bearings are an ABEC-5 bearing engineered for roller skating that is ideal for outdoor and rink skating.  A nylon cage keeps the balls spinning evenly.

Using QUBE 3D technology with a specially designed grease, Qube Juice Bearings will make you roll faster without breaking the bank. They have a single Labyrinth seal that helps keep the lubricating grease in and dirt and debris out.

Qube 8-Ball Bearings contain an eighth ball instead of the traditional seven, which spreads the load more evenly over the bearing and gives this bearing greater lateral load capabilities while turning. The result is a stronger, faster bearing on the corners - perfect for derby!

Using advanced 3D modeling technology, QUBE Gold Bearings incorporates all the best elements of bearing design. By determining perfect measurements, using stronger steel & deeper grooves, lubricating with a special oil, and dust-reducing non-contact shields, Gold bearings are some of the best on the market!

QUBE Ceramic Bearings are the fastest and longest lasting bearings in Sure-Grip's catalog. They use the finest ceramic technology and an extra (eighth) ball to help distribute the bearing's load and improve its overall spinning efficiency. Ceramic as a material is stronger than steel, more resistant to heat and wear, and generates less overall friction.