"Titas Skate" stickers by Donavyn

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Local artist DONAVYN incorporated a retro inspired font with her love for halfpipe skating AND a nod to her local culture to create a very unique sticker design.

"If you haven’t heard about pidgin, it’s a very interesting story. Here’s a very short basic summary: because of the plantations, Hawai’i had people from all over the world come to work. This meant that people did not speak the same language, in order to communicate with each other (even if it was just a little) they developed their own language - pidgin. It’s shortened/abbreviated/mesh of words.

Nowadays, I feel honored to be called tita by some close friends & people I look up to. There can be different meanings when used in different contexts but when I use it, it’s definitely a term of endearment-synonymous to friend." - Donavyn

Tita (tee-tah) or (tih-dah) - sister, sis, friend, tough af person.
Ex: Hey tita howzit!! Look at tita, she rollerskating. Titas lets go skate!!! No mess with them, they one tita. Tita I missed you at the skatepark yesterday!